Audit Report


Our company offers the following types of audit services:

- Consultation on tax and customs issues both orally and in writing;

- Audit of financial statements;

- Real estate appraisal;

- Appraisal of movable property;

- Appraisal of securities (shares);

- Appraisal of the value of the company's shares;

- Evaluation and confirmation of investments performed in Georgia;

- Tax audit;

- Receiving participants in the tax audit process and providing legal support;

- Accrued tax appeals and assistance in tax disputes;

- Accounting;

- Tax optimization when selling/buying real estate and securities (shares);

- Company reorganization (merging, acquisition, division, separation, transfer of shares between the partners/shareholders, sale of shares) or liquidation;

- Rehabilitation (readjustment) of the company;

- Consulting on taxation issues related to the activities of a foreign enterprise, representative office / branch of a foreign enterprise in Georgia.

Our team of professional team and licensed auditors will provide you with a full consultation on tax incentives before registering a business in Georgia and will advise you on tax optimization to select the most appropriate organizational legal form for your business interests. Our service extends throughout Georgia.

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