Citizenship in Georgia

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Georgian Citizenship/Georgian Residence


How to get Georgian citizenship?


Citizenship in Georgia: Georgian citizenship may be acquired in two ways:


- By birth;
- By naturalization.


In exceptional cases, dual citizenship is allowed in Georgia, when a person is granted Georgian citizenship in addition to foreign citizenship.


Acquisition of citizenship by birth in Georgia


Citizenship by birth may be acquired by:


- A person whose parent is a citizen of Georgia at the time of his/her birth;
- A person born as a result of extracorporeal fertilization (surrogacy) on the territory of Georgia, if none of the countries of citizenship of his/her parents considers him/her a citizen;
- Child of stateless persons with status in Georgia, born in the territory of Georgia;
- A person born on the territory of Georgia, one of whose parents is a stateless person with a status in Georgia, and the other parent is unknown.


Acquisition of citizenship by naturalization in Georgia


Naturalization is carried out by granting Georgian citizenship by the President of Georgia.


Types of naturalization are:


- Granting Georgian citizenship in an ordinary manner;
- Granting Georgian citizenship in a simplified manner;
- Granting Georgian citizenship by way of exception;
- Granting Georgian citizenship by way of restoration.


Citizenship of Georgia together with the citizenship of another country may be granted to a citizen of another country by way of exception who makes or has made an investment in Georgia that makes/made a significant contribution to the development of the state economy.

The President of Georgia may grant Georgian citizenship to a citizen of another country by way of exception, who has special merit before Georgia or for whom the granting of Georgian citizenship is in the interests of the state.

A citizen of another country may be granted dual citizenship by way of exception if a citizen of another country considers Georgia as his/her homeland and he/she or his/her ancestor is:

a.a) a person residing in the occupied territory of Georgia or an internally displaced person from that territory.

a.b) a person who has immigrated at different times for political reasons or due to a difficult socio-economic situation.

c) A citizen of another country is successful in the field of sports, science and/or art and wants to continue his/her activities on behalf of Georgia.


Residence in Georgia


One of the grounds for a foreigner to stay in Georgia legally is a residence permit.

The following main residence permits (permits) are issued in Georgia:


- Employment residence permit;
- Residence permit for the purpose of the study;
- Residence permit for family reunification;
- Residence permit of a former citizen of Georgia;
- Investment residence permit and so on.

Residence permits in Georgia can be short-term, long-term, or permanent. Check your chances. In order to prepare documents in a timely and complete manner, check in advance what documents are needed to be prepared and what procedures will be required to obtain a residence permit.

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