Preparation of Tender Documents


Budget-funded organizations, as well as most private companies, procure services or products on the basis of electronically announced tenders.

In order to participate in the tender, it is necessary to submit properly and timely prepared documents to the procuring organization. Incomplete or improperly prepared documentation is one of the grounds for disqualification of a person participating in a tender.

In many cases, along with the submission of qualified tender documents, the procuring entity also requests the submission of references from various agencies.

Due to improper preparation of documents or failure to submit this notice to the purchasing organization in time may result in frequent legal disputes related to tenders.

Our company's experienced team offers you to prepare the necessary documents and information to participate in the tender, upload the tender documents, your representation in the procurement process in relations with the procurement organization, conclude tender agreements and protect your interests in case of violation of your rights during the tender process.

Our experienced team has gained relevant experience and knowledge to participate in tenders. We offer full legal support in tenders and public procurement and protection of your interests.