Real Estate in Georgia

Buying Real Estate in Georgia. Updated 2023


Buying Real Estate in Georgia

Real Estate in Georgia: In Georgia, as in other countries of the world, the purchase of real estate is associated with many legal issues. Before purchasing the real estate, it is necessary to carefully study the documents and other details to make sure that the seller owns the property legally and that the data registered in the Public Registry corresponds to the actual situation.

Be sure to check the legality of the real estate and in case you wish to perform construction, find out in advance the issues of issuing a real estate construction permit.
Many Georgian and foreign investors consider buying real estate in Georgia as the best way to invest free cash and capital investment, which is why there is great interest in real estate in Georgia.

Before buying real estate in Georgia, you need to check in detail the extract from the public register and study the documents on the basis of which the seller purchased this property at one time. It should be ensured that the property is not mortgaged, leased and there are no obligations associated with the property. In addition, it is necessary to establish whether the real estate was legally built and whether it was accepted for explantation by the relevant state authorities.

It should be noted that in addition to making a profitable investment, buying real estate in Georgia is also associated with obtaining a residence permit in Georgia or with obtaining Georgian citizenship.

BLA provides legal services necessary for the purchase of real estate in Georgia, registration of a lease agreement in Georgia, as well as full legal services necessary for obtaining a building permit in Grukhia and so on.

We will help you quickly and easily resolve issues related to real estate in Georgia.

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