Taxes in Georgia



The services of our company include full services related to the payment of taxes and taxation on the territory of Georgia.

There are general state and local taxes in Georgia. It is obligatory to pay general state taxes on the whole territory of Georgia, which includes the following:


- Income tax;

- Profit tax;

- Value Added Tax (VAT);

- Excise tax;

- Import tax.

Local taxes are introduced on the basis of a normative act of the local self-government body, within the limits set by the Tax Code, and their payment is mandatory on the territory of the local self-government unit.

The representative body of the local self-government is authorized to introduce the tax provided by the Tax Code on the whole territory of the local self-government unit in the form of a single rate and/or according to the separate fields and/or types of activities in the territory of this unit.

Local taxes include property taxes.

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